My Pictures

My Pictures !

This is just a snapshot of my life in Kenya, and more recently on the Isle of Wight where I now live with my family .

Very different, I  agree but we have some beautiful secluded beaches here, and life is great !

The Isle Of Wight is a great place to live, and you can see more photos on my About Me ‘ page.

I shall be adding more of my pictures of the island when the weather improves – early mornings on the beach before I start work , or perhaps just taking my laptop down to the Cove .

Much as I love London, and the buzz of working in the city, I still see friends regularly – they’re usually here at weekends !

My office is wherever I want it to be – and it certainly beats the city commute !

The picture above is of Gurnard , on the beach where we meet up for breakfast before work !

More of my pictures to follow in Summer !



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