How To Add Twitter Feed

How To Add Twitter Feed

I just had to share this short, but excellent training video by Susan Beesley, who is one of the founder members of the Six Figure Mentors Group.

Chris and Susan Beesley are both extremely successful in this industry, and share their vast knowledge with all members of the SFM Community.

Twitter has always been one of the best ways to instantly share whatever is happening around you, and everything you’re interested in, anywhere you are.

Twitter Feed – what does it do ?

Twitter Feed will take your RSS Feed, and automatically post to your Twitter, Facebook, and many other accounts , giving instant syndication for anyone across the internet.

This gives you credibility, whilst sharing useful information with your followers, and more importantly, information that is relevant to your business or niche !

If you haven’t already signed up to Twitter, you will need to open an account with them – it is very easy, just click here

You will also need to open a Twitter Feed account – simple, click here

Now, watch Susan Beesley as she explains clearly in this video –

How To Add Twitter Feed

I hope this has been helpful – you can see more of Chris And Susan on You Tube

Twitter is now one of the most used social media strategies – Twitter Feed helps you syndicate your tweets easily !

To Your Success !




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