How to Stay Focused and Productive .

Staying Focused And Productive 

… whilst Remaining Positive !

This has been my toughest challenge.

Working from home as an internet marketer has huge advantages – but can be very tough and lonely.

I have added a video that I often watch if I am having an “off ” day – it always picks me up !

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Top Ten Tips –

How To Stay Focused And Productive.

1 -Your Work Space

Make sure you have a clearly defined space to work in, whether it be your bedroom or home-office, and as clutter-free as possible. Clear your space , it will help start the day with a clear state of mind.

2 -Plan Your Daily Schedule

As an internet marketer it’s very easy to get sidetracked by offers and opportunities so it’s essential to devise a work plan. Set daily and weekly goals and complete all of the tasks to a deadline. Create a checklist and planthe night before so that you are clear on the next days requirements.

3 -Lists

Try to keep to three lists . The first list will contain three actions that absolutely must be completed on the day. The second list will contain three actions that aren’t essential but would be beneficial to complete on the day if possible. The third list will contain three actions that require completion , when you can.

4 – Focus !

If you focus, you will become more productive !

One thing at a time !
Do not try and multi- task, 100% focus and the results will speak for themselves !

5 – Pace Yourself

Take regular breaks to keep fresh and focused – this may seem obvious, but we all fall into the trap !  Leave the room, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air at regular intervals every day .

Without the structure of a traditional working environment, it is easy to work away into the night, and even skip meals – a hungry internet marketer is unproductive !


Gurnard Beach

Eye strain has been a huge issue for me, and I find it essential to move away from the computer every couple of hours. I now have to do specific exercises to avoid eye strain , and I can recommend highly, The Bates Method– a tried and tested step by step series of exercises.

It takes just a few minutes a day , and the benefits are almost immediate.

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Perfect ision

6 – Change Your Surroundings

Change your place of work from time to time. I have a laptop, and often nip down to the beach and work there for a couple of hours -it gives a whole new outlook ( literally !), and I come back recharged. Most coffee shops now have WIFI , so take advantage of it !   You can schedule this in on a regular basis.

One of my favourite spots on the island is our local beach restaurant in Gurnard.

Watersedge Beach Restaurant

The Watersedge Beach Cafe –  probably the best breakfasts on the island , in the most beautiful beach surroundings , where you can sit back and enjoy all the sailing activity  -just bliss !

If you decide to visit Cowes this Summer, make sure you book ahead for breakfast here, you’ll love it !

7- Manage Your Time

Manage Your Time – one piece of software that’s really helped me is Toggle.It’s simple to use and free.

It allows you to “clock in” when starting on a particular project, and “clock out,” when finishing with that project. Tasks or projects can be created throughout the day, and will monitor where most time is spent.

At the end of the week or month, it’s very useful to understand where you’re spending your time.

8 – Find A mentor

Unless you’re working as part of a team then it can become quite easy to run a business with little social interaction, so try to find people who are in a similar position as you and keep connected with them.

I was very lucky to find a mentor within a support group, but without her help, I would have struggled on , often on the point of despair.

My online business was literally transformed with the help and interaction of the group.

9 – Social Media

Work in short bursts and break up daily tasks with social media time. – very important . For example, break up tasks with 20 minutes spent on Twitter or Facebook.

10 –Focus !

Turn off the telephone and avoid distraction –

IM, Facebook, Skype and email notifications too. In fact, if you can do it without hyperventilating then shut off the Internet! You and your business can live without it for an hour.

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Follow these 10 steps, and you are well on your way to becoming successful online, and should help you……

Stay focused and productive !

To Your Success !

Betternetworker- How to Stay focused

Barbara Blevins

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