Lead Magnets And List Building !

Lead Magnets And List Building !

You’re probably wondering what on earth is a Lead Magnet, and how this can possibly help you with list building !

Lead Magnets And List Building With The Six Figure Mentors

Lets talk about the whole concept of ‘lead magnets’, and give you a better understanding of why it is so important to build good relationships right from the start !

Behind the scenes at the Six FigureMentors, they are busy working to help members build and grow their businesses.

Lead Magnets help online businesses build lists – crucial for any business to survive !

Firstly, you need to have an idea of your ‘customer avatar’ – your ideal person that you would like to work with.

Lead magnets, List BuildingRemember ….. don’t try to sell to everyone – narrow it down !

Stuart gives an example of this in the video – he shows how you can find your market, and learn to pinpoint the common problems they experience, and most importantly …. how you can find the solution by giving them value.

By understanding and hearing the common problems these people share, you can exchange your valuable content for their email details, and reach your audience. By listening and learning this, you will build a highly targetted list !

This is also known as Attraction Marketing, and here at the SFM, we teach you exactly how this strategy can transform your business.

Nowadays, to achieve a sustainable online business, it is essential to provide value.  You need to feel good about your business, and happy in the knowledge that you over-deliver on your customers’ expectations !

Six Figure Mentors

Make that transition, and create your own lead magnets. Learn how to incentivise your customers to buy from you, when you give value, and build those relationships.

Stuart and Jay Kubassek at the SFM, are creating ‘lead magnets’, by providing reports, free videos, webinars, articles, and tools that we believe is a ‘first’ in the industry !

If you would like to be a part of our community, use the tools and the technology, and build a long-term sustainable business, then I’d love to welcome you to the team !

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Lead Magnets And List Building – It’s All Here !

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To Your Success !

Barbara Blevins

Barbara Blevins

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