My WordPress Theme

My WordPress Theme

Several people have asked me about the WordPress Theme on this website , and can it be created by a complete newbie?

Absolutely !

This is a pre-designed site for members of Six Figure Mentors, and it is extremely easy to set up- just a few simple steps, and you’re ready to go !

This is hugely beneficial for anyone starting out – you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff .

Six Figure Mentors will host our domains for us, and take care of our WordPress sites.

Our new Digital Boggers Platform is also one of the FREE resources, and in January 2014, we are launching the Digital Business Lounge – the web site builder designed for serious digital marketers

This suite of tools is an online marketers dream come true!   At Digital Business Lounge  you can host and build websites, wordpress blogs, lead capture pages, buy domain names,  track statistics , and lots more.

You don’t need to be a “techie”, it’s so easy to use – just choose a template and off you go !

If you are interested in hearing more, and would like  get involved and get direct access to the Digital Business Lounge …..

Submit an application for membership at this link.

Training is available every week with Brenda and the team , and of course, I should mention the Support Team and the SFM Community .

If you have any questions, or just want to get in touch with other members for up and coming events and training –  this is where you need to be !

I cannot praise them highly enough !

PS –  In case you don’t know what WordPress is , let me explain in simple terms as I hadn’t the faintest idea when I began online .

WordPress – what is it ?

1 -It is a free web-based software programme that allows anyone to build a website or a blog , whether it be for a simple home-based online business, or to run full-sized social media rich business websites.

2 – WordPress software will allow you to create and edit new web pages and blog posts without knowledge of HTML.

3 – The Blogging feature in WordPress allows you to update blogs frequently, and to receive and respond to comments from others.

4 – Search Engines love content- this will help optimize your website !

My WordPress Theme  –

The WordPress theme on this website is just one of many available, and here at the Six Figure Mentors, we teach you all you need to know !

For more updates on new products, and services here at the SFM, please check back.

To Submit an application for membership … Click The Link Below !

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