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Using Simple Lead Capture For Your Marketing Campaigns

Simple Lead CaptureSimple Lead Capture is the latest offering of FREE Lead Capture Page generating software from the Six Figure Mentors.

Lead Generation is the life-blood of any online business, and Simple Lead Capture allows you to create stylish and professional looking lead capture pages customised to your offer and your target audience.

You can use Simple Lead Capture to create Lead Capture Pages for your business or any offer in any market !

 Simple Lead Capture 

……. is the simplest and quickest way to create high converting lead capture pages, that you can create in under 5 minutes.

Firstly ….. What Is A Lead Capture Page ?

A lead capture page is the first page you see – or land on – when you click on a link that takes you to a sales page, and are also known as:

A Landing Page, or A Squeeze Page

If you have small business website, an Amazon store or any Internet Marketing business, you will want to attract the interest of potential customers. Therefore the main purpose of a lead capture page is to capture contact information of a prospect or potential customer.

But why would you want to capture such information ?

To build your list, and to be able to follow up with people on your list !

Most people do not make a purchase right away, some do, but most people take about five to seven exposures before they will buy…… accept this  …it’s just the way it is.

What to look for in a good lead Capture Page Software Programme ?

  • You want the page to load quickly – you have seconds to keep your prospects attention.
  • You want it to be visually interesting – a picture speaks a thousand words!
  • You will want it to be easy to use – preferably point and click.

Usually Lead Capture Pages software comes at a cost to the business, and will be an essential investment, however, here at the SFM, we want to help you , particularly if you are just getting started.

Simple Lead Capture Page


Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to get this software for Free ?

Personally, I think it’s awesome !

Your FREE Offer …

I wanted to introduce you to this amazing marketing software, and I’m confident that you’ll be pleased to take us up in this offer and claim your free account …. and not just because it’s free !

The one thing we’ve seen in common with, not just those that have found success, but also those that have scaled their business to the next level …… and  it’s all about list building.

Really, this means having a list of prospects they can communicate with, and build relationships , and ultimately …… present their offer.

Here at the Six Figure Mentors, we have another gift for you –

This is a FREE Video Series – The Digital Marketing Bootcamp, that is really going to open your eyes to some new ideas, when it comes to succeeding online.

Video Bootcamp Series


Regardless of whether you’re just getting started online, or are a seasoned marketer, many of the concepts that we are going to share with you, will absolutely take your business to the next level !

It’s for this reason that we have added the banner below.

As soon as you click on the banner, we’ll start sending your daily videos !

If you are someone who is ambitious, then I strongly recommend that you take us up on this and grab the Free Video Bootcamp Series – it will go extremely well with the Simple Lead Capture System

I look forward to seeing you in the videos soon, and I would love to hear your feedback !

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Simple Lead Capture Pages – Barbara Blevins

To Your Success !

Barbara Blevins


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