The Perfect Press Release

The Perfect Press Release

…. and how it can raise your online visibility

Publicity can be one of the most effective ways to raise your visibility, particularly online

If you have a business, product or service featured online then you can almost guarantee  increased  traffic to your website, and as you know – traffic is key to any successful business !

Free publicity can be of enormous benefit, but it needs to be done correctly -many have tried to this in the past by sending press releases with little success.

You need to have an exceptionally good press release to get attention
Written correctly, it can become a valuable marketing tool online.

How To Write The Perfect PR – a short video

Let’s first look at the structure.

  • Keywords –  the first thing you want to consider are the keywords that are important to you and your niche. For example, the main keywords might be ‘attraction marketing’ and secondary keywords , ‘smalbusiness ‘ . So the first step is to get clear on what keywords are important for you.
  • Place Keywords In Heading Write a heading for your press release that includes your keywords. The first words in the heading should be the main keywords – very important  because search engines like Google will rank your press release based on these keywords.

Your headline keywords are one of the first places they look.

  • Place Keywords In Body – make sure that your keywords are threaded throughout your press release.
  • State A Problem And Offer A Solution – the body of your press release then needs to state the problem that your target market faces, and how your product or service offers the solution
  • Make It Newsworthy – try and link your press release to current news- the more relevant your press release is, the more likley it is to be picked up and published by different media outlets.
  • Make An Offer – in your press release you want to make an ‘irresistible offer’, and have a call to action with your offer directing people to your website where you can capture their contact details. When sending out press releases online you will find that not only people   in your target market will read the release, but also  media outlets .
  • Get It Online – today there are many online websites where you can distribute your press release .

Two of these are Free Press Release and PR Web. Simply set up your accounts and start distributing your press releases through them.

What happens next ?

Firstly the press release gets quickly indexed into the search engines, and secondly it creates backlinks to your website.

These online press release sites have high Google Page Ranks so the quality of the back link is very high – very important for SEO

Your Press Release will be picked up by blogs and other content rich websites out on the net, which will drive more targeted traffic to your website

wikiHow - The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

 The Perfect Press Release ( wikiHow )


To Your Success !

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