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On this page I recommend tools and products that I use myself and which I believe will assist you with your online marketing and growing your business.

Firstly, I shall begin with Autoresponders -probably one of the most important tools you will need to be successful online.

Many people think an autoresponder is just an email that pings back to people who email you when you  are out of the office, but it’s much more than that.

An Autoresponder is a tool that automates all your emails and can be sent out according to your delivery timetable.

To market your products or services online it is essential to build a subscriber list (or even multiple lists for different niches or sub-niches) and then build a relationship with them.

When you are starting out it is manageable to email people individually, but as your internet marketing business (and your list) grows this just isn’t practical or scalable.  Autoresponders assist this process.

I have added this excellent video which explains -How To Create An Email Newsletter Using Aweber.

By using an Autoresponder, it will help you to:

1 – Welcome and build rapport with your new subscribers

2 – Add value and build profitable relationships with your loyal subscribers

3 – Maintain visibility to your customers and prospects

4 – It will build trust and confidence

5 – Manage and keep track of your various lists in multiple niches

6 – Automate your internet marketing business (emails are sent automatically)

7 – Effectively deliver emails during the days and time periods when prospects are    most likely to read, click links and order products

So how do you use an Autoresponder?

Firstly,  set up an account with an autoresponder service –a quick Google search will show there are many autoresponders on the market.

Aweber is certainly very popular in the world of internet marketing, but iContact, GetResponse and Email Cloud also get good customer reviews. There are fees involved so do your due diligence before setting one up.

Once you’re set up, you can create an email series of valuable content to be automatically delivered to your list and then followed up at set time intervals.

When creating a message in your autoresponder account there is an option to personalise your messages with their first or full name as well as geographical information etc.

These variables add a personal touch to your messages that help grow trust and retain relationships with your subscribers – also known today as Attraction Marketing

Use your email series to welcome them,  inform, inspire , educate and even to entertain…. and on an ongoing basis you can use the system to keep in regular contact with topical information of interest to them.

The important thing is to add value in order to use autoresponders effectively for maximum benefit (ie profit) you absolutely must provide your subscribers with value.

By regularly emailing your list with content of value to them , and not just trying to promote or sell a product, you will build a strong connection.

They will not only read your emails, but look forward to receiving them, and perhaps, even respond to them, visit your site and become more likely to do business and repeat business with you.

People buy from those they know and trust, and an autoresponder helps you build that trust.

This is the key, especially in the competitive world of internet marketing, and it’s worth investing your time on. It will take a little time and effort to write an email series and set up the autoresponders to begin with, but once you’re set up, your efforts will be rewarded.

Aweber- The Rolls-Royce Of Autoresponders

Aweber explain  the setting up process very clearly, and the Support is excellent.

You can also watch some of the training videos here.

I am adding a link to Chris Farrells membership website ( my top recommendation for anyone starting out on a limited budget ), and he does an excellent video training on autoresponders.

Automate the process of email marketing as much as possible and then you can kick back and watch the results unfold.

Use autoresponders well as a marketing tool and they can be an extremely effective way to build a relationship with your subscribers and make money online.

Create Your $1 Trial Account

You will be charged $1 for your first month, and $19 on a recurring monthly basis after your trial – just click on the Green Order Button

You Can Join Aweber Autoresponder Directly By Clicking On The Image Below 

Autoresponders are one of  your most valuable resources in the world of online marketing.

For online business success Autoresponders are a necessity.

 To Your Success !

Barbara Blevins

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