Getting Started Online In 4 Steps

Getting Started Online  – In 4 Steps

There are 4 key steps to getting started online, but very few of us follow this !

If , like me , you’ve struggled – wondering how on earth to get started, what steps to take, which products to buy … you’re not alone !

I suffered from ‘ information overload ‘ for months before I realised that without a structured system , I was going nowhere !

Fortunately, after joining a mentoring group –The Six Figure Mentors, and following a proven system, things began to fall into place – four key steps to get up and running !

So, let’s go through these FOUR steps to Getting Started Online and explain exactly what we mean.

Choose One Business Model

On starting your online business – one of the first decisions you will need to make is which business model you’re going to use.

This might be affiliate marketing, direct sales, network marketing (MLM ), or creating  and selling your own information products, etc.

It really doesn’t matter as long as you select  from a list of proven business models like those listed above. Any one of them will make money for you , but here’s the key –

To make it work for you – learn real business skills and build on firm foundations.

Affiliate marketing , or Direct Sales is probably the quickest way to start getting momentum and generating income , and for most, is the recommended way to begin. You won’t have to worry about things such as – product creation, technical features, customer support or setting up merchant accounts.

This, however, is absolutely key –

Once you have actually chosen your strategy – stick with it and make some money!  You can then start to add other models/income streams once you begin to see results.

This is something you will learn at The Six Figure Mentors !

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Select One Training Course

This is so important – there are  many  training courses (and mentors) that can teach you how to be successful  online.

Choose one, and follow it through –stay focused and don’t get distracted with other offers – this will only result in information overload , which is probably the biggest reason that people fail.

With The SFM , we provide you with everything you require to start up and  build a profitable online business.

By trying to follow several different courses you will become overwhelmed, frustrated and disheartened very quickly.  Your long-term goals will be to have several different income streams, but at the beginning you need to focus on one only !

Most of us have made the same mistake – I know I have , and really suffered as a result . Only buy a product or course if you are sure you absolutely need it. Hoping to go back to it later,  just doesn’t happen -you won’t !

Take One Action At A Time

Once you have a model and  the training,  you need to make money.

Your next step is to take action on what you just learned. You may feel overwhelmed with what lies ahead…. but it does get better, honestly. Don’t think of it as a huge project, but break it down into easily manageable steps.

Starting a business online means that you will need to build a website, but you can break this task down into little steps – choosing a domain name, buying hosting, installing a WordPress blog… etc etc.

It actually becomes an enjoyable process , and you will feel a great sense of achievement when you can complete each task !

Stick With One Thing Until You See Results

One of the reasons many people fail is because they get side-tracked. They don’t see results quickly, and they either give up or move on to something else offering instant results

It is important to set realistic goals , and keep to them.

Working alone can be stressful and it is often difficult to stay motivated, but with determination and support , success is so achievable !

Avoid becoming distracted, and commit to one system until you see results.

Let me say it again -the key to starting a successful business online is to choose ONE model, ONE training guide, Taking action and Staying focused !

When you see results, then you can introduce another income stream.

And here’s the final key that brings it all together – The Six Figure Mentors because it’s never too late to start!

Remember – getting started online has never been easier

Whether you are brand new to this, or have been working online for some time , and not achieving the results you had expected – you can be successful !

You need to follow a structured system – we give you exactly this at the Six Figure Mentors, and you will be learning from the best trainers in the industry !

Why not come on one of our FREE webinars and find out exactly how we help people get started online – Click Here !

If you are ready to take that step and start your online business, click on the link below, and I look forward to working with you !

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To Your Success !

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2 Responses to Getting Started Online In 4 Steps

  1. Baz Smith says:

    Hi Barbara great advice there. the only thing I would add is to make sure your end goal is to have multiple revenue streams in place. That way “all eggs in one basket” won’t become a reality.

    Good luck with your success


  2. says:

    Hi Baz, and many thanks for your comment !
    I absolutely agree with you – long term it is important to have several income streams,
    but for newbies, I think taking it step by step avoids confusion .

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